Month: March 2017

Coffee culture

Ranking the most unique coffee shop in Saigon

Enjoy coffee in a good location, beautiful views of utmost importance. Now there are many cafes with unique architecture, strange has appeared along with the architectural design movement learn from around the world. In Saigon began forming the cafe with its unique architecture, strange and created a new trend for those who want to discover […]

Coffee Recipes

A secret recipe to mixing ice milk coffee

The Vietnam enjoys drinking coffee, that is the culture, tradition always already. Men are like pure black coffee, milk coffee women. Today I will share you how coffee that I find their own formula. You remember to choose the right kind of coffee. 1. For pure coffee powder into the filter, filter plots a quarter […]

Coffee culture

The types of coffee in Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the growing water and coffee exports leading, Brazil or Indonesia like … Vietnam coffees also carries its own identity. Coffee growing area in Vietnam is mainly concentrated in the Central Highlands with coffee fields stretching untouched vision. Gia Lai and Daklak provinces 05 to 02 in the Central Highlands, the climate […]