Month: February 2018

Coffee culture

Simply style cafe in Vietnam

For many of Vietnam, every morning that does not start with a cup of coffee, you feel like the old days have not ended, the new date is yet to come. Indeed, why not love the coffee drops constant waves, dark, bitter, tangy very long stays on the tongue? Vietnamese coffee is like, simple, humble […]

Coffee Stories


On our coffee discovery trip to Vietnam, we discovered the drink we loved so much growing up actually contained a lot of interesting ingredients. A local coffee expert, only known as “The Master” gave us a list in Vietnamese of 23 ingredients that he found in Vietnamese coffee. He couldn’t believe what he found and […]

Coffee Stories


NESCAFÉ been officially produced in Vietnam as Nestlé factory formally put into operation in Dong Nai in 1998. Since then, the brand NESCAFÉ becoming more family friendly with Vietnam, and NESCAFÉ always efforts to bring to Vietnam a delicious cup of coffee to enjoy everyday. But did you know our efforts not only for the […]