Month: November 2018

Coffee culture

Coffee sidewalk in Singapore

Coffee sidewalk  not only in Vietnam but also present in other countries. We invite you to join me to find out what special and interesting. Coffee sidewalk is the destination of most Singaporeans. You can sit for hours, sipping pure coffee with friends, chatting … If not sit cafes pear Kopitiam, guests will not have a […]

Coffee Stories

How people enjoy coffee?

The coffee drinkers around the world are enjoying coffee like. Is it just a kind of challenge each unique. The way to enjoy coffee in the world Caffé Latte coffee foam – Italian-style cappuccino, hot milk part, part espresso (see latte) Cappuccino – one third espresso, one third hot milk and one third milk beaten, […]

Coffee Stories

Coffee taste bitter and sadness

  Enjoy coffee is not merely something to drink ordinary water, filtered water for thirsty deflected, energy drinks give you more health, give you a refreshing soda. But all a physical element. Enjoy coffee as you are directed to the interior, think about life with the question “Why?” For me, the coffee was never belonged […]

Coffee Recipes

How to making the art of coffee

You’ve never been to enjoy a cup of coffee is not art. If you had, then you understand why there is a white leaf in my coffee mug and you wonder how the leaves look like. Here I would recommend over and share some experiences that can create a leaf so perfect. Art barista is […]