Month: December 2018

Coffee culture

Enjoying Coffee filter

Café is a popular beverage unique flavor and is widely preferred. Today, with many people drinking coffee has become a habit and meet friends at the café that has become a hobby. Vietnam style coffee drink quite characteristic and different strokes. The preparation most used filters. The stage is also quite simple, but behind that […]

Coffee culture

What is “Moka cafe”

Cafe Moka, a cafe strange, unique taste is unmistakable. Moka where and why this happened is still a subject of controversy, everyone wants to make a hypothesis about the formation and development of Cafe Moka. Anyway humanity now has been enjoying one of the rare seeds leading and get anywhere. So Moka cafe really like. […]

Coffee Recipes

Tips for delicious coffees

First, there must be pure coffee, it is best to buy a roaster in place to ensure that. Besides, when choosing filter, if used in the family, you should select the type of cartridges and small, medium, challenge each time a cup is enough, do not choose too large filter. Material filter made of stainless […]