Month: March 2019

Coffee culture

Best quality coffees

Coffee is a drink is indispensable in human life, which is a stimulant to help people a refreshing work, could also be enjoying a crafty way with every flavor of coffee. In all types of coffee, some types are recognized as the best compared to the rest in terms of quality and taste. To get […]

Coffee culture

Some of the unique cafeterias in HCM city

To Saigon external sites attractive entertainment, tourist attractions impressive. You can look at the location and style of cuisine. That is the cafe with its unique design, creating a new definition of customer life. Coffee Kujuz Address: Tran Quy Khoach, Tan Dinh Ward, District 1, HCMC. HCM. If most of the other cafes, door always […]

Coffee Recipes

How to recognize pure coffee…

The first question that we have received most of the first day to sell coffee that is “How pure of your coffee?” It’s not a¬†difficult question , It’ doesn’t matter of how much of provider that you can choose and then, you can manually verifiable it, with the signs of the coffee maker before and […]

Coffee Stories

Vietnam coffee in Starbucks stores

Vietnam coffee in Starbucks stores Arabica coffee products originating Cau Dat, Dalat has officially become one of the 7 types of Arabica coffee company Starbucks selected to be traded, traded worldwide. Official news website Starbucks said it will begin selling Arabica originating from the Cau Dat, Dalat in more than 21,500 stores in 56 countries […]