Month: October 2019

Coffee Stories

Another lessons from small coffee cup

Sometimes we imagine that life lessons are drawn from something big, but in life everything around us are significant. If you think a slower, deeper you’ll notice is the big lesson. That’s what drew from a coffee cup In my family, everyone loved the coffee, each generation and how to enjoy different coffee. The most […]

Coffee Recipes

Ice coffee chestnut with caramel

Again I would like to introduce to you coffee grind stone. But this kind of grinding stone cafe nothing special anyway. Reveal to you that the great combination between caramel sauce and chestnut signature Torani Syrup The general formula for ground coffee combined chestnut caramel taste 1 shot espresso (30ml coffee) Fever 20ml sugar (caramel) […]

Coffee culture

Coffee Culi

What’s Coffee Culi? – Coffee beans roasted, pure clean Coffee loris called Peaberry. There are two common CULI coffee line: CULI Robusta, Arabica CULI In English, coffee loris called Peaberry, and Caracol is the name by the Spanish. Coffee loris is a different kind of coffee beans specially for curvaceous shape as its beans. Often […]

Coffee Stories

The effect of coffee

Drink 1 to 2 cups of coffee a day can help refresh your body flexible. However, as often with higher doses can be addictive, which increases the stress response, impaired immune system and increase the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease in people at high risk Coffee is a very popular drink in many countries. Perhaps […]