Month: November 2019

Coffee culture

Favorites Western-style coffees shop in Saigon

Tourists arriving in Saigon if you want a grab coffee address in a novel style, differences will be addressed below. The stylish cafe West, harmoniously combined help you immerse yourself in a completely different space. French romantic, nostalgic of Italy, American wild … is the experience of western style cafes bring diners. 1.Country House coffee […]

Coffee Recipes

5 Ways making delicious coffee in the world

Enjoy coffee if fully perceive and recognize flavors coffee mugs enjoying how prepared is an art. Barista has many different ways, many different instruments but eventually produce a premium coffee mug to meet the needs hobby. Here are 5 ways synthetic particularly tasty coffee and most sophisticated in the world. 1. Coffee boil. Connoisseurs believe […]

Coffee culture

Cafe Take away

Coffee carried away – Take Away This is the new style of coffee imported into Vietnam-style modern steam, although new but already popular very quickly because it is very suitable for fast living rhythm of the big cities like Hanoi, Saigon. Coffee carried away really convenient for those who do not have time to sit […]