Month: December 2020

Coffee Stories

Most expensive Elephant dung coffee

If anyone ever prize weasel coffee and said it was the most delicious coffees and the most expensive, he was wrong. Coffee ferret is one of many types of coffee were found to meet the needs of enthusiasts. Today, there are new trends can call it elephant dung coffee. Like the weasel coffee, but coffee […]

Coffee culture

The beautiful words about coffee…

“Coffee makes us strong, calm and wise” – Jonathan Swifl “Every morning wake up without a cup of coffee, I feel tasteless!” – Napoleon Someone said: “Coffee is not fun serene as tea, much less powerful violent as alcohol. Gentle people enjoy that coffee is a juxtaposition of joy and sadness. With whom are troubled, […]

Coffee Stories

Process plant cafe

Coffee growing techniques 1. Prepare the coffee land: Arable land is good land, soil layers thick, porous, well-drained, nutrient-rich. If you have to replant on the previous cycle, the coffee growers to improve soil crops like legumes 2-3 years. Soil previous cycle was root rot should not replant coffee trees that need to rotate with […]