Giảng Cafe – Slowly life and more feeling about Hanoi

I return to the Giangcafe in autumm noon at Hanoi, I’m wanting to shirk away the atmosphere bustling, busy, leaving the work is piled to find on a corner of the old Hanoi, let alone listen to, to remember about those years have passed, looking back some great memories of the forgotten. Giangcafe is no longer present in more that 7 Hang Gai has moved to a small alley at 39 Nguyen Huu Huan and 106 Yen Phu. But to me, a person is “haunted” by the ancient streets of Hanoi, the only choice is still Giangcafe – Nguyen Huu Huan Street. The restaurant is in a deep and narrow alleys.Perhaps there was a small alley to alley leading resemblance to my old home so that each time not here I always have a feeling familiar and incredibly nostalgic.

Giangcafe only a simple sign hanging before the alley, but if it is the first to look closely, they must really be able to look up. In contrast to the appearance of narrow alleys, inside is both a space 2 spacious floor, a skylight for natural light.1st floor gives people a sense of cozy, decorated with old family photos Instructor Tools, this is no time favorite ones a little bit older, want peace and quiet to enjoy the coffee. Floor 2 is a very large courtyard suitable for young people to travel in groups or foreigners looking for relaxing, airy. Tables and chairs here is kind of small stone tables and chairs reminiscent of a distant government subsidies. Coffee mugs here are porcelain imported from Hai Duong, are white. The bar has a small glass case to several cigarette packs in the corner shop to create an antique looks.

If you come in winter Giangcafe would love to get to the cup of coffee while looking into a bowl of boiling water was steaming, here special is customary to keep the warmth and cope with the bitter cold of winter Hanoi. The feeling that both drinking and hissing, just the warm feeling flowing from the neck down when coffee will make you remember forever belly.

Giangcafe also features a separate, sure many of you do not know the taste of coffee stone being beaten with hands, took out a little coffee in the thermos container from old black coffee, add a little sugar or milk foam really peeling and beat up by hand, add some crushed stone into a cup of black coffee is the “primary the “already. foam coffee is considered by small and smooth hands are not as rated by the machine but even if you drink to the last drop of coffee, the foam is still there, this is the phase difference of the hands and coffee machine maker. Unveiled for the physician owner you have to drink coffee just kicked me here, let’s cut a foam spoon in his mouth and left feeling explode crackling foam, extremely strange feeling always was. Sip small to make sure you feel all the bitterness of coffee mixed with mild sweetness of the milk and the coolness of the stone.

In Giangcafe also served black coffee, brown, cocoa, fruit juices but still the most special dishes egg coffee – which coffee connoisseurs in Hanoi, eggs coffee here is always the best. Café is the kind of pure rustic ie not mix anything should always have a very special taste. Wake her egg coffee is still foreign friends of Vietnam called Cappuccino. Eggs were beaten up slightly then pour hot coffee into the middle of the egg cup, eggs will slowly float on the coffee.Merged together eggs and coffee flavors make up the fat, but not fishy or difficult to take as many people believe. Situated between a “street Café” of Hanoi, but many years have passed, retains Giangcafe peculiarities inherent.

In my personally,  the people come to live here to be slowed down, to be cooed chatting to people close to people and perhaps even to nostalgia for what has passed. Just as a coffee lover, like the peace or simply as I love the old town by the small streets, small houses, love what deposition of an old Hanoi, look to yourself Giangcafe to enjoy the coffee cup sign bitter, Bui Bui which contemplate the spiritual values ​​that we have inadvertently forgotten.

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