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Coffee Recipes

Making perfect cup of coffee

What is a perfect cup of coffee. Why we always wondered that his coffee cup delicious drink was enough or not is sometimes not afford to know about his coffee cup drink less standardized. The ratio of 1g coffee – 16ml water, soak in hot water 91-96 degrees C from 2-4 minutes (or 20-30 seconds), […]

Coffee Stories

The memories

Life with how many memories, bittersweet memories, things like passes and you rarely forget it. Suddenly one day there is something familiar dim but reappeared about, memories, feeling again the coffee Although nostalgia is not always a pleasant thing, and not a few stuck forever in the memory brand. There were times when I yearn […]

Coffee Stories


Technical coffee harvest 1. Harvesting 1.1. Harvesting techniques Berries are harvested by hand and is done in several stages in a timely service to collect the ripe fruit on the tree. Do not harvest immature green fruit, not plucking the branches, do not break branches. To stop collecting before and after bloom 3 days. twelfth. […]

Coffee culture

Cafe sidewalk

Coffee, coffee sidewalk toad is considered as one of the characteristics of the culture of Vietnam, especially in Saigon. By almost everywhere, whatever the time of day, you can see the Saigon spend time with a cup of coffee to enjoy a very private space, very different of this dynamic city. Saigon has many cafes […]

Coffee Stories

Thọ Cafe – A mark of old Hanoi

ThoCafe located on the Trieu Viet Vuong  street which is famous street of café in Hanoi has about 25 years. On this street, there are many big and small cafe but it is still the place to be people choose, I do not understand why ThoCafe have that strange attraction to that. This is a […]

Coffee Stories

Processing cafe

Coffee processing process The process of coffee processing techniques starting from the selection of raw materials coffee beans undergo 10 different processing steps and ending with finished packaging stages. The process of coffee processing techniques include: • Technical process coffee processing powder traditional roasters. • Technical process of cherry processing traditional roasters. • The process […]