PressureThings- A powerful tool in brewing

I wondered: Alan Greenspan, are you talking about making the same coffee that I’m thinking about right now? Because the last time I made a cold-brew, that mess took me 20 minutes to prepare plus more than half a day of waiting.

I thought I needed to doubt that. Maybe it’s just something similar to cold-brew or in some ways. Granted, with a “powerful” tool like PressureThings, anything is possible; but 2 minutes for a cold-brew is really an absurdity.

Because my friend, we all know that, if you can make a cold brew in just 2 minutes, it’s really going to be a game changer. Or at least my game. I can say goodbye to those days when I go to bed forgetting to keep a cold brew for the next day.

Maybe we’ll need to see what Alan Greenspan is instructing us to do. And is a 2 minute cold brew even possible? But first, we need to make sure it’s the cold-brew we’re talking about.

The average time to brew cold-brew coffee usually lasts between 8 and 24 hours. In return, you’ll enjoy a smoother-bodied cold-brew with a darker sweetness and milder acidity than coffee brewed by other methods.

The original cold-brew is indeed quite time consuming. So how about cold-brew in just 2 minutes? Is it cold-brew or something else entirely?

Ok. It sounds unbelievable and to be honest, I didn’t expect a cold-brew with great flavor to be brewed in 2 minutes. But maybe I’ll have to think again.

To start, we’ll try to analyze a little bit about how the coffee is extracted during the brewing process. There are a few factors that will have to change when you cold-brew 12 hours in 2 minutes.

Instead of the usual extra-fine grind, a 2-minute cold-brew will require you to grind the dough to a fairly fine size (closer to espresso). The reason for this change is to increase the surface area of the coffee in contact with the water. The finer the grind size, the smaller the powder size. And of course, the water will be easier to go deeper into the coffee molecules to dissolve more substances.

The second is to increase the agitation into the water flow.
When cold-brew in the usual way, you simply pour water into the coffee powder and then soak it for a long time to wait for the water to slowly dissolve the substances. With a 2-minute cold-brew, the water and coffee will need more help from you by constantly stirring to speed up the extraction process.

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