Things to watch out for when making coldbrew…

Making Cold Brew coffee is very simple, all you need to do is pour water over the coffee powder stored in an airtight jar and wait. Of course that’s just the basics, but to make a good cold brew, you’ll need to know more than that.

Depending on how you make it, your Cold Brew can be mild or bold, sweet or sour. And if done right, you are sure to enjoy the best flavor of the beans you have.

To make a good cup of Cold Brew coffee, you need to pay attention to 4 things:

There are quite a few people who buy packages of pre-ground coffee powder from the supermarket or grocery store and use them to make Cold Brew. Does that have any effect?

YES, and it affects a lot over there!!

First, you must know that these powder packets are pre-ground to serve our traditional way of making filter. That means the coffee powder in these packages will be dark roasted and finely ground, to create a cup of coffee with an extremely dark and bitter body.

Next, for Cold Brew coffee, the preferred choice is always fruity and chocolate aromas, along with mild sour coffee and sweet taste to bring a smooth overall look that always brings enjoyment to the drinker. awake.

Obviously Cold Brew and filter making are aimed at making different types of coffee. So what happens if you use coffee that’s too dark and too finely ground to make Cold Brew? The cup of coffee will have more oil and bitterness, making other “fresh” flavors completely obscured. Besides, it also causes grit in the mouth because there are many fine powders still floating in the coffee water.

You can add a filter to remove some oil and fine powder in the hope of a smoother Cold Brew, but it’s not nearly as effective.

The perfect grind size for Cold Brew is medium coarse. In terms of size, the coffee powder used to make Cold Brew coffee must be twice the size of the coffee beans used to make traditional filters.

Or more precisely the coffee/water ratio. You probably understood it this way: the more powder you use to brew, the stronger the coffee will be.

Yes. However, I often measure the coffee powder according to the way I drink it. When you like to enjoy Cold Brew with milk or ice, you need stronger coffee than if you only drink it directly.

Usually, I will use about 40g of coffee powder with 400ml of water (1:10 ratio) if I want to drink it directly. If you want to use it with milk or ice, reduce the brew ratio to 1:7 to make the coffee stronger.
If you want more sweetness, brew the coffee with water at a higher temperature. Incubating coffee with hot water to bloom for about 10 minutes before pouring cool water will make the sweetness stand out.

But if you want your coffee to be more sour, simply skip brewing with hot water and store the coffee in the fridge after adding enough water.

The longer the steeping time, the more bitter the coffee will be. This is true of all forms of coffee extraction and Cold Brew is no exception.

If you put the Cold Brew in the refrigerator for 8 to 12 hours, the coffee will have a dominant taste of sweet and sour. The longer you leave it on, the more sweetness will increase, but if it’s too long, the water will begin to take out the bitter flavors in the coffee.

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